The truth hurts 💔

You version devo today.   The day I remembered

the worst stuff (I hope!)

about my SRA. 

Stuff I did.  Stuff that was done to me. 

devastating , and that’s a fact.

“Declare this truth: 

“God knows me.

“Pray this aloud:

“Dear God, help me to rest in the knowledge that you’ll never turn your back on me after some deep, dark secret is exposed

” because nothing I could do or say or even think, will ever surprise you.

“Help me trust that since you already know everything about me, you won’t change your mind about what you think of me.

God knows and loves me anyway.

“Thank you that I can be absolutely secure in the knowledge of your unfailing love for me.

“Thank you that you’ve already made the decision—through the sacrifice of your Son—to love me and accept me forever. Amen. “

—–Youversion devo today : “longing to belong”

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