Things I love 💘

Ok. Miserable at 2am.  Autoimmune diseases and family griefs suck.

this seems to me an excellent time to remind myself of the beautiful and smart and bless-ed.  “Time for one of my little lists”, as Emily Peabody would say.

  1. The sound of ocean surf
  2. bird song on a bright forest morning
  3. my hubby’s quiet, rhythmic snore (He works so uncomplainingly — is that a word? –for us. 🌻)
  4. Out of the Silent Planet by CS Lewis
  5. Lavender bath salts
  6. Getting a brand new  💄 lipstick 💄
  7. The marriage bed–hubby and I, as abuse survivors, have talked and worked and counseled and lost sleep and suffered for all of our victories there.  It’s the one thing in our difficult lives that unfailingly works.  Like coming home for our hearts or Christmas morning or a new snowfall.🌷
  8. Distant, misty mountains
  9. Picking berries in the sun shine
  10. Oiled hinges
  11. The hills are alive with the sound of music… ” love that movie.  Julie Andrews is such a lady.
  12. Clothes hung out, dryin’ on the line
  13.    Flowers
  14. Grandmas
  15. Aprons with pockets
  16. How my little Chihuahua mix bosses my Collie and my Lab mix around and makes them mind.  Grin.
  17. Morning walks with the sun coming up
  18. my daily devotions– like coming home for my heart or Christmas morning or a new snow fall 🌷
  19. Neatly trimmed men’s beards
  20. Carrying babies on my hip
  21. My dogs and Jesus–they are the reason I have made it through the last eight years.
  22. Talking to my hubby while he’s working on the car and bringing him cold drinks 
  23. Freshly popped corn–the smell!
  24. New recipes for my sourdough discard : good one here. do the par baking its important
  25. Making my own play dough
  26. Being married to my good friend–Kissin’ wears out; cookin’ don’t.
  27. Smile wrinkles
  28. I better quit.  But I feel better.

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