Going to the mattresses

I’ve gone on a retreat to my oldest daughter’s house the last few days. I was ready to just leave my hubby.

(Isn’t that the first thing we girls try to change? Like it’s a cure-all. But the thing about deciding to cut and run….you have to take your self with you.)

I’ve got some midlife issues facing me. Hubby is not listening to me about them. It’s just been me and God for about a year.

It’s time.

To go

to the mattresses

for my marriage.

For my life.

It’s war. Some stuff has to change.

Fish or cut bait.

So here’s what God said to me these last few days….

(however that works. But He has no trouble getting his point across, does He?)

….via Facebook messenger, prayer, Bible, Auntie, girlfriends….

Word from Heidi: No decisions right now. Wait for God’s peace. Accept this respite.

Word from 🌹daughter Rose. No confrontation with Dad yet. Life back to normal but I am taking over your care. Respite person hire. Errand person hire. Physical care hire. Twice a week, 4 hrs

Word from Adrian. Hold on to Jesus. He sees you. He will tell you what to do.

Word from Debbie. I love you. Imagine Jesus there with you talking and making decisions

I’ve been blogging and reading my Bible a lot the last few days too.
Hagar- He is the God Who sees me has been in my head.

Studying Jesus on being alone and making decisions.

Reviewing God’s promises in the Bible. Esp. Jer. 29:11.

  1. Just to let you know, dears.
  2. And for the few girls I would like to mentor.
  3. And for my kids. 🌻
  4. And for all the other Christian choleric\melancholy women married to phlegmatic\sanguine men who this might speak to.
  5. And because I gotta have a voice.

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