Yeah right–A.A.

“I’ll pray you get better and that this will all come to an end”

Ummm does this bring me any real, lasting comfort?

I suppose it’s better than “kiss my grits” or “go spit in the ocean”—but seriously?

I try to be kind because I don’t want to be a jerk. But seriously guys…

I don’t need a new heart that beats correctly

or not to have MS

or to be twenty again

Jesus I need a better attitude. I think that’s my biggest problem.

These statements always fall short of offering any real comfort. Though they sometimes carry partial truths—since it’s good and right to pray for healing and better circumstances—they can also reinforce the misleading idea that our greatest problem is our suffering, and the removal of it would be God’s greatest blessing.

Kristin Wetherton and Sarah Walton youversion Devo

Just sayin.

You gotta help me God 🙏

I cannot do this all by my selfies.


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