Tomi lu 🌻

sending this out into the 🌎


I had a friend.

my best friend in sixth grade

she called me Big Dod.Β 

We camped out, flirted with her older cousins, had sleep-overs, floated the river on innertubes, shopped the mall, and swam in her pool.

we lost touch

I looked her up in high school, after I had moved.

me–addicted shame bound blind

she–brave and alone had given birth 🚼.

I slimed her.Β  Completely lost my brown stuff.Β  When she came out to the πŸš— and told me about her baby.Β  I didn’t go in.Β  πŸ’” NEVER even asked the baby’s name! πŸ’”

I missed my chance

Β to be a good friend

And to better know a brave girl. 🌻

I’m sorry

I’ve changed


I was wrong

The way I treated you

was about me

not you.

Forgive me. 🌻



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