Adrenaline for our souls
I’ve always felt socially awkward. 

 like a seventh grader 

Ashamed of who I am.

Since puberty, probably.

Popular, beautiful people cannot understand this pain easily.  

I still struggle against this mindset.  

I was thinking of this again, as I was squirming on my cushions last night.

I am going to reframe it.

🌻I am who I am.  

God and my life experience has shaped me.  I accept it.  I forgive all my own awkward misrepresentation of myself with other people.  

I forgive myself for my social anxiety that makes me look a fool.

 I forgive the beautiful-popular-insecure-people who don’t see me. 

 I release all that bitterness toward self and others now to Jesus.

 It weighs me down.

I thank you God for the way you made me.  I am at peace with myself and free to trust You with all that old stuff.  

Teach me to look out at the world 🌎 and really SEE it. 

 Give me someone that I can be kind to today.  

Show me the pain all around me.  

Take my eyes off myself.  

I give the power to tell me who I am only to YOU.

I love you God. You make me 😃 smile. 🌻

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