trials: my Undiscovered Country πŸ’š

song that got me thinkin

I’ve been feeling sorry for myself.

I am rebooting my ❀.  

I love my life.  All the wholesome pleasures. They fill up my senses.

I focus down on these small delights.

Nature’s Miracle.  That stuff is magic.  Dog got sick and left various body fluids in three rooms.  Cleaned it right up!  Then sprinkled baking soda and left a fan on it to deal with moisture.  Like it never happened.

Dishes done.  Counters wiped.  Dish towel, mat and cloth hung up to dry

Trying new recipes

Snuggling down in my blankets with hubby and little dog on quiet holiday mornings

Listening to my kids πŸ’š

Damp squeaky morning grass

Relaxing after dinner with people I love

Going out for β˜•

Yoga with Adrienne 🌻😍

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