Living with regret

All I ever wanted in the natural was to be a good parent.
I’ve never loved 

or wanted to do good 


when I held my babies for the first time.

and It’s what I have failed the worst at.

Jesus you be my reason.  Be all my reasons.

Let my blog help other parents who hurt and regret. #12thstepwisdom

I give YOU my crushing, heavy grief and shame.

Forgive me.
Cleanse me.



If You don’t help me, I’m toast.


Flashback nightmares ⚡


Thank you for this uncomfortable and debilitating mental problem.

Holy Spirit help me to submit and learn from my stuff instead of wasting my energy fighting it.
I intensely want Your comfort.  My vision of myself and my life is broken.  I am weary in every way.

I need You God.  I intensely want You. 🌻🌷🌻🌷🌻

Refresh my hope 💔

Lift my chin 👍👍👍

Renew my strength 💪

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