“NEEDTOBREATHE – “LET’S STAY HOME TONIGHT” [Live From Celebrating Out of Body]” on YouTube

I was just thinking about something with Jesus.

Hubby and I have friction over whether to go out or stay home quite a bit.

Bring it on!

We have regular dates

1. once a week for conflict resolution

2. and once a week for fun.

And he will often say he wants to stay home.

While I have been home all the time and want to get out of my sickbed and see something beside my walls.


This song came to my mind as I was pondering……so I looked it up on YouTube and was listening to it again prayerfully with God.

I suddenly saw that this– our home– is my husband’s Oasis.

he’s safe here.

He can rest and relax and let his hair down in respite.

Of course he would not want to leave it!

It’s sweet that he wants me to be in it with him.

I think instead of being resentful at him and thinking he wants me to be constricted and limited,

I will reframe it reboot my heart

and find it endearing

that he wants to be safe at home with me.

We still need to compromise maybe every other time we can go out or something. I need that.


it helps me to understand where he’s coming from you know?





God is the most incredible person

I have ever come in contact with
And I am completely and gratefully gobsmacked

by His existence.

I must be careful not to turn the beautiful astonishing thing He did into a reason to exclude and judge people.

Yes morality matters deeply
Yes certain behaviors are deeply wrong
Yes there is a right and wrong to the universe

But I don’t want to miss the whole point.

The point is

finding lost sheep
Reuniting with prodigal sons
Finding a priceless pearl


God help me not to be so busy making sure I am right
That i save all the moral bathwater
And lose the baby

Real love 💘

I don’t want you to feel false guilt and shame

because we didn’t finish that good thing we tried to do.

No pressure


I accept you the way you are.

You are my man.

I chose YOU twenty-five years ago at a lighthouse in Newport, Oregon.

Hitched my wagon to your 🌟


*No fakes.



People can’t be perfect, you know?

Well they shouldn’t have to try.


That’s why Jesus came, isn’t it?
To set 🌎 free from the rat race?

True love





makes the 🌎 world go ’round.



Hubby 💖 invited me to join him

in a study on the Advent at Youversion.

first time we’ve done something like that–im usually the one who wants to do stuff. He’s been more laid back in the past.

(Just want to keep it real, folks.)

I’m pretty sure that my formidable feminine competence is shooting me in the foot with that. Both of us have been to blame for our mostly matriarchal (in the first fifteen years or so) home.

He’s been scared to lead


I’ve been

too scared and ticked off to let him. You know?


so this is another gift 🎁 that my long-term illness is giving us.

It’s working out great!

I’m just grateful; just right now. Quietly and ecstatically.

Jesus went through a lot for us. A lot. The three\one of them were setting this up for ever. Starting in Genesis 3.

 He is the Lamb slain from the foundations of the world, right?

For me.

For everyone.

So we don’t have to do this alone.

And ’cause He’s just like that. 💕