God is the most incredible person

I have ever come in contact with
And I am completely and gratefully gobsmacked

by His existence.

I must be careful not to turn the beautiful astonishing thing He did into a reason to exclude and judge people.

Yes morality matters deeply
Yes certain behaviors are deeply wrong
Yes there is a right and wrong to the universe

But I don’t want to miss the whole point.

The point is

finding lost sheep
Reuniting with prodigal sons
Finding a priceless pearl


God help me not to be so busy making sure I am right
That i save all the moral bathwater
And lose the baby

Play to your weaknesses

God never wastes a hurt, right?

I want to blog 

about putting my child

 in a mental hospital 

when she was nine.


Big mistake

Not what I thought.  

Not What my counselor thought.

we thought it would be a safe place

 to get her started on meds and stabilized.

Safe, it was NOT.

Now there are hospitals and then there are hospitals.  You know?


 we are still getting over that experience seventeen years later.


Not what we needed 

Not the best place for her.

I wish we could have just canceled all our engagements and stayed home til the counselor was available, then had an intensive weekend therapy session or something and then two hour weekly sessions with in-house blood work while we got her meds started.

That’s not realistic, 

(I wish there was something like that!)


 as close as we could get to that

 would have been better 

than an inpatient lock down facility 

for a nine year old who was starting fires in her toy box!

  She didn’t need to be in with older kids and teens who had some scary issues going on.  All the screaming and mandatory blood tests that she heard EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK.  Missing her family.  Not being able to go home when we wanted to get her out.  Criminetly!

Help me Jesus.

I’m yours. 🌻

Use my voice.
I wanna rock the world for GOOD 


for other hurting families.

I’ll Wait

 for YOUR Spirit to blow on my words.

I trust 

YOUR timing

This is Your show. 🌻

​I want to help people and play to my weaknesses.

Like Paul in the Bible. Yeah.

I need a hug.  Do you?