Wildflowers ❤

3:00 am

Up choosing to enjoy the quiet and to be with my Father tonight.

Early morning waking. “I have a grateful heart. that You have given me. and it can only come. from You” early Petra

  • I am thankful for the following things: intermittent fasting.
  • Crickets and frogs singing.
  • Quiet gray dawn..like a dove
  • Ear buds so I don’t wake my hubby.
  • Young love or old married love. ❤
  • verse images at you version.
  • Animals: so charming, innocent 😇 funny and endearing.
  • Dish soap bubbles.
  • Clean sheets.
  • Naps.
  • Father and Spirit and Son 💘.
  • Best friends 💙.
  • Ocean loveliness.
  • Laying in front of the fan in summer.
  • Nair for facial hair (just keepin it real).
  • BBQ anything.
  • Breathing–ever thought about that?
  • Sea shells.
  • My wheelchair (=freedom)
  • Joni Earekson Tada–bless her 🙏 ❤.
  • Microwave mug cakes– #lookitupdelightfulquicktreat.

I have a thankful heart

that You have given me

and it can only come

from You.

Jesus- how I feel about You

Plod 🌷

Another good thing that has come out of me being sick for so long Is that I have learned about

What I call “plod mode”

  • Just put one foot in front of the other
  • Don’t think about it
  • Don’t think about the end
  •  Don’t think about how much you’re accomplishing
  • Or how much you still need to accomplish
  •  Quiet
  • methodical
  • Not exerting a lot of effort
  • just the next step

  1. And it helps to sit down on the floor if you have little kids (It’s amazing how much better they jive.)
  2.  I use this coping skill if I have had a bad health night
  3.  Or I have to accomplish something when I’m tired
  4.  Or a trial is lasting a lot longer than I signed on for