Bloom. 💐

I know why the caged bird sings. ~Maya Angelou

Getting sick. 

Has given me many good things. 

The elemental suffering has brought much good. 

takes away my busyness.

forces me to slow down. 


Flesh mortifying.  

Clarity inducing.  

Raised to life. 

Priorities straightening.  

Do or die

Sink or swim

Blooming. 🌼

Good word 🌼

I hereby renounce the words that I have spoken over myself

that I am bad mom. 

That I am socially awkward and I say the wrong things.


I decree and declare

that I am learning new skills,

that I am becoming a good mom, a woman of gracious speech through the power of my redeemed life. 

That kindness is the rule for everything I say.

I cover my life and my family with the shining sparkly cleansing power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ , which speaks a better word than the blood of Abel (Hebrews) .