Guilt: parenting prodigals

Hezekiah (good king) vs Manassah (creep) My closely related offender (raging addicted pedophile)  vs me (following Jesus, healed, becoming healthy) My children (some are here, some are gone 💔) People have choices No matter where they are

Rough Season– don’t you think?

 I’m surprised we’re still here, aren’t you? I have now listened to the Ps 121, Ps 37, Ps 18 and\or Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, RT Kendall, Steven Furtick and a bunch of other sermons and scripture. Roughly 32 billion times. Conclusion…we are going to make it guys.  strengthandcourage.That is what I am talkingContinue reading “Rough Season– don’t you think?”

Toxic family

I love that Jesus teaches me how to think about well-meaning but toxic folks. He modeled it. And the people became offended and began to turn against him. Jesus said, “There’s only one place a prophet isn’t honored—his own hometown!”Matthew 13:57 TPT And if anyone doesn’t listen to you and rejects your message, when youContinue reading “Toxic family”

Flash back recovery

I went to sleep worried about my closely related offender, and feeling guilty for unfriending him.  His life is so pathetic and sad!  You know? It’s complicated when you grew up with your offender. I’ve always felt super responsible for this person.  I know how bad it was for us growing up:  I was there.Continue reading “Flash back recovery”

Turned a corner with my grief over our prodigal. First time in months!I woke up and went about my day. I forgot about it for HOURS. I think grief might be like an onion. There are LAYERS there. So I’m not expecting to feel this relief and rest from strife forEVER. But someday I will be over it and it will be just part of my life.I can see myself living free.You know what I mean?

I want to remember this day.

Toxic relationship

God–“I’m telling you to back out semi-permanently. Do you think my arm is too short to save him so you must come in and take over? Obey, girl. You are getting in the way of my plans for him. I got this. You mind your own beeswax.”


Ok. Down to brass tacks here. Doesn’t every girl want a knight in shining armor to come and sweep her away? Brave. Selfless. Tender. Protective. Strong. I mean, right? One of the hardest things about growing up is the crushing let down when you realize that your Dad\boyfriend\husband ISNT ALL THAT AND A BAG OFContinue reading “Knight”


Put on the full armour of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.