Living with mental health stuff

I was looking back through my notes about Q, wanting to give the people that i care about an update. 

DEFinitely a clear change of family direction.  
But not what I thought I was praying for.

A huge difference. 

God has brought my man on board.  He has spoken to him about Q and his mental issues and how he can help. It’s making a huge difference.

Q getting a diagnosis has seemed to really help unlock some help for him too.

Ummm…God had a talk with me about prayer and fasting. Out at the wood shed.

His remarks were extremely pointed. Heh heh heh.

I am not going to just pray this issue away.

My bulldozer tendencies, that have served me so well in the past, will not be needed.

More teamwork and trust; less bossing.


Jesus wants us to go through this experience not blow it to smithereens.

I had to do some backtracking with J and my man, telling what He (the Lord) had said at the woodshed.  (It was very humbling. Gulp.)

It seems that (in direct answer to our prayers) God has been doing all sorts of things between those two, father and son. And between Qs twin and himself, and in his relationship with his next sister.

Im glad i didnt know about it and it snuck up on me,  because I definitely would have messed it up.

God and I like my courage and audacity….But I can be a bit bossy and interfering at times. And my hubby already finds my formidable feminine  competence and verbal skills a bit intimidating in his flesh~you know what I mean?

Hubby is like “Ummm…’Scuse me?”

So yeah. God is doing stuff, but mostly not the way I expected..

Carbs 🌾

I have seen some amazing things, which the Lord has done, in answer to my fasting and prayer for my kids.

God is calling me to another fast for something specific.

I have been fussing.

Quite a bit.

“I like food!”, my flesh is yelling!

But do I like it more than healing and wholeness in my family?

afterall: What can food actually do to comfort me?

True: carbs provide a burst of serotonin to my brain which I have relied on in the past as a reliable source of good feelings. Those feelings lasted approximately as long as I was still chewing.

Indeed. There is some comfort to be had from food.


Man does not live by bread 🍞 alone

But by what?

That’s good food.