Rough Season– don’t you think?

 I’m surprised we’re still here, aren’t you? I have now listened to the Ps 121, Ps 37, Ps 18 and\or Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, RT Kendall, Steven Furtick and a bunch of other sermons and scripture. Roughly 32 billion times. Conclusion…we are going to make it guys.  strengthandcourage.That is what I am talkingContinue reading “Rough Season– don’t you think?”

Toxic family

I love that Jesus teaches me how to think about well-meaning but toxic folks. He modeled it. And the people became offended and began to turn against him. Jesus said, “There’s only one place a prophet isn’t honored—his own hometown!”Matthew 13:57 TPT And if anyone doesn’t listen to you and rejects your message, when youContinue reading “Toxic family”


I was thinking How often do I parent out of fear? They will work it out. Just listen. How often do I think about my rebuttal instead of understanding where my hubby or teenager is at? I will get my chance. Just listen for a pair of minutes. Give the gift of quiet. Be aContinue reading “Fear-less”

What if they can’t \won’t receive my ammends?

This Is what swearing is for. Step 8: Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all. Step 9: Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. When we have REALLY screwed the pooch… Like neglectContinue reading “What if they can’t \won’t receive my ammends?”

the happy wife —stay in the zone

Proactive. Ok living with said flaw in my man. How do I do it? Mental discipline. Remind mySELF of the truth What this marriage means to me. What did I promise. Love Is a friggin’ choice. Valuable things require sacrifice What are the good things about him?  Is he a good provider? Is he funny?  Is he a goodContinue reading “the happy wife —stay in the zone”

Spontaneous combustion🌻

🙏 I love Jesus so much you guys! He is the most incredible person I’ve ever come in contact with and I want to be in His frickin POCKET. 💕 (what would i do if He was a jerk? Ummmm…. He’s God) I love the Father I need a Dad right now. Telling me I’mContinue reading “Spontaneous combustion🌻”