Solo hope

I never thought about this before but we are all living on islands

if you look at it as the whole earth was one land, and then God’s busted it apart during the flood and released The Fountains of the deep and then we just kept drifting apart from each other..

You are our only hope Jesus, on our islands. Literally and metaphorical-ly.

come and save us.

thank you that you will never get tired

Never quit

Never falter

Never be discouraged and give up on Your kids

Your great mission on our earth: doing good and helping all the poor and downtrodden and suffering.



Papa. I respect our men. I salute them. Thank You 💓 Unsung heroes, mostly. Even when they fall off their white chargers and dent their helmets– #brokenbutStillgood
Your Blessing. We all need it: our children and their children and their children. The Gone-Too-Far-Women’s Movement has been hard on us all. Not least our father-neglected and busy-mother-ed children. Lotta broken hearts there. All around. #needsomebalance Mend ’em. It’s what You’re good at.
–Moma Jenn