Bloom. 💐

I know why the caged bird sings. ~Maya Angelou

Getting sick. 

Has given me many good things. 

The elemental suffering has brought much good. 

takes away my busyness.

forces me to slow down. 


Flesh mortifying.  

Clarity inducing.  

Raised to life. 

Priorities straightening.  

Do or die

Sink or swim

Blooming. 🌼

Christmas 🎄 sucks sometimes

Christmas is over

Some of our kids didn’t call. No grandkid came.
Three family fights.

One major meltdown.
Resentful sullen offspring.

We got through it, glory to God.


The thing about having kids is:
Once you give birth, your heart is now OUTSIDE your body.

God knows this.

Look at what he said to Mary.  Through Simeon? That old guy who blessed Jesus when they went to give the firstborn offering, for baby Jesus, at the temple?

God gets it.

Let’s speak words of encouragement and support over each other, my friend.

We’re not alone. Other people hurt too. Maybe even you. ❤ me too definitely.

Life is not always easy, even in the western world, where we can often count on full bellies and a warm place by the fire.

Please pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

God’s the only one who can fix our families. (Well, with our effort too. I don’t want to think it’s magic and I don’t have to work. I made plans to start counseling on payday. I apologized a few times. I prayed. I am blogging (help someone else) and I took a nap 😴. )


Thank you Jesus for the good and the bad things in our lives.   We trust you. You’re our only hope.

Let’s go to bed and start over tomorrow, k? Heartfelt hug. 💐

Experienced, kind, and wise 💐

“I was always upset about my circumstances. I wanted God to change them for me, and I wanted Him to change the people around me too. But then He showed me that I needed to work on changing my inner life before I could expect real change in my outer life.

“Matthew 6:33 (NLT) says, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”

“So what is God’s kingdom? The Bible says the kingdom of God is in us. If you’ve accepted Christ, that means He’s living in you, and He wants to live in a good spiritual home.

“That’s why your inner life is so important to God.

“We must seek first His kingdom, letting His Holy Spirit take hold of us on the inside. When we allow Him to work in us, eventually we won’t be able to contain it, and it will spill out and change the world around us!

“Prayer Starter: Holy Spirit, help me not to get caught up in trying to change external things when You’re asking me to focus on developing Your kingdom in my heart. I invite You to work in my inner life”…..Joyce Meyer devo at youbible.

SRA yuckiness

Warning potentially triggering material proceed with caution.

I had a very graphic dream last night and immediately wrote it down and am happily making plans for what I’m going to do with this information.


I’m a little stressed out.

Just in case there’s someone who’s also Survivor… I don’t want to act like it’s a piece of cake and I never have to do therapy.

So yeah we’re making plans…. more later.

Different 🌼

There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful than that of a continual conversation with God.
~ Brother Lawrence

My dad was a negative, impatient person. He had a personality disorder, i think, looking back.

This fact has colored how I relate to God; i was reminded of this during my devotions today.

Father, thank You for showing me that You are not like that. Help me to learn to trust 🙏 and not be afraid of the other shoe dropping.

It had to happen

Inevitable. Hubby and I were on a date, and there she was ~ our son`s new mom. 💔

Our son might have been there too; we don’t know. He’s in college somewhere, I think. Maybe he went back to the car when he saw us; maybe we could have seen him.

We just don’t know.


I guess it was gonna happen sometime. In a community this small, it’s remarkable that it took seven years to run into their family somewhere.

God why does this hurt so much? Nothing has changed~our son still left when he was 16 and eventually changed his name and joined another 👪 family (from his highschool drama club) when he was 22. Four years ago.

But it does hurt. How do I get over this, Jesus? You’ve got to help me! or I am toast.

I trust You Yahweh.

Please hold me now. I miss our son. I feel like I will never be happy again.

Be near me now. Heal my broken heart.

I believe You. 🙏❤

Wise as a serpent; innocent as a dove

FLOAT like a butterfly 🦋

STING like a bee 🐝

Mohammed Ali

Remember that famous description of Mr. Ali’s fighting style?

Well! Jesus uses a similar kind of image to communicate how Christians must live in their world.