….because I have suffered defeat in this valley in years past. Yet, I also know there is a way to overcome anxiety. I know first hand that you can emerge on the other side of depression and dread, and live to tell about [ it to ]someone.

—Louis Giglio — YouVersion devo today

Things to love

☕birthday cake 🎂

🍵Audible books

☕comfy sweatshirts

🍵smell of new-mown grass

☕cooking holiday feasts

🍵hot cocoa with three marshmallows

☕hanging out with the dogs

🍵cozy mysteries

☕Earl Grey, hot

🍵rearranging the furniture

☕Galaxy Quest

🍵chore charts

☕talking to my Auntie

🍵 onimatopea: Splash! Crack! Slither!

☕Beach combing

🍵Baby plants. Leaflets, I think they’re called?

☕Sidewalk chalk