Help me Lighten up, Lord

Jesus bless and help each person
who stops by for just a pair of minutes.

We love 💕 Your words.

We love You.

But help us. It’s hard down here sometimes.

But You knew that.
You came down here.

I remember now. 😉

I’m asking for a hug today, Lord.

I mean that respectfully.

Especially during this pandemic, we need You.

We’re somewhat desperate.

Help us lighten up and not take ourselves so seriously.

We need a good Dad telling us that it will all work out.

Things I 💕

I’m starting to get a little bit fussy.

Time for a list.

Sandy feet from walking on the beach
Getting an 🍨 ice cream with someone I 💕

The way my dogs can sleep anytime and anywhere. I’m not kidding. It’s quite remarkable.

Helping online charities: grin

Naps in the sunshine

Subway–I always feel like a million bucks after I eat there.

Yellow 💛 m&ms
Frosting a cake I made 🎂

Tulips and daisies
Good dirt. The minerally smell. The possibilities! Love it.

Washing the car 🚗 with my dogs in the summer

Going through a hard time together and finding out what’s important to us. #2020amiright?

Boot camp for my brain

I opened my Youversion app to read the Bible today.
So sad and beleaguered, you guys! Rough, loooong night with health stuff.

I tend to get suicidal when my MS is acting up, so I go to the Bible extra hardcore at those times. Even before I start to think in the morning. Knee jerk I’m training 💪 my brain to automatically do.

Armor up, right?

Oh my sparkly socks.

what I found, my peeps!

God’s been doing great things this year! I just read about some of the ways God’s been at work in the YouVersion Community, and I think you’ll love this. Let’s celebrate together!

Youversion link this morning

Sooooo encouraging!

I hate fakey sacharin sweet Christian-ese.
It makes things feel worse.
So……. I almost didn’t click on it.

But I’m so glad I did after all!
I did not realize what The Holy Spirit was up to during this pandemic!

Watch “Encouragement for Hard Holidays, with Robyn Bush and Kim Michell | Comment start Grounded 11/16/20” on YouTube




You guys

This was so helpful. So blessed. Medicine for my hurting heart.

This is going to be the first holiday season since my oldest son chose another last name and dropped off the earth.

I’m dreading it. Frankly.

So I’m not the only one. I can do this. I’ve got Jesus, and He will never leave me or forsake me.

Pray for me, and I’ll pray for you darlings.

Celebrate anyways

Find it.

On a hunt.


All this apocalyptic stuff has made me cranky and self focused.

Give me a chance to do good in my world today.

Just something small but valuable.

Like a pearl.

Show me.

Help me look outside my anxious concerns.

See a way to surprise us all, not least myself,

with wonderful-ness.

A thousand years 🌻

God gave me this song when I was really low and vulnerable ten or so years ago.  Before I got my diagnosis.  Seven years?  Whenever this movie was popular.

I’ve never forgotten what He said in my spirit.

Or how it felt.

We love You back, God.  So truly. So sweetly.

Thank You for being so cool about all this messy life stuff.

 You are the most incredible person I’ve ever come in contact with and I love You.  🌻💕🌻

Dawn by my daughter’s house. 🌷