Why is there suffering?

Hmmm…good point.

Father, help me to focus on You. I don’t understand why things don’t work sometimes.

Why have I been sick for seven-ish years? You could heal me in a snap. I’ve certainly asked You often enough.

I remember that all You said was: getting sick IS your healing. (However that works ~ but You have NO trouble getting Your point across, do You.)

I trust You.

I love 💘 You Jesus.

You are the most amazing beautiful wise humble Person

I’ve ever met

and I am smitten.

Stick it my pipe and 🚬 it

The thing about churches is they are full of broken people.( Like me.)Who else knows that they need Jesus better?

Jesus was always catching flaque for hanging out with sinners. Right?

hurt people hurt people.
That’s a thing.
So I guard my heart at church.
I give out information strategically.
Assume that I am NOT IN a safe environment. It’s more like a hospital where not over half of the patients know why they are there or even that they are sick. Some only have chill blains while others have virulent infectious lepropsy.
I must dispense my pearls of self-revelation strategically.
And if I break social norms during prayer request times, be MINDFUL of it.
And without repentance.
Because I want to BE the thing that i wish I had. 💚

From 2012
Thoughts on church


My man and I had our weekly conflict date.

Tuesday after work

until we work it out

or until one of us is dead.

(Just kidding.)

We keep to the rules of fair engagement

as per Les and Leslie Parrot’s book The Good Fight.

We walked to the gas station and got an unsweetened ice tea. I drove my scooter. Our little chihuahua mix sat in the basket in front. Hubby walked along.

Fun day! 👒🌻👒🌾🌈😊😊💏💞

We’d kind of spread our conflict all out over today and done a lot of it on Facebook Messenger. (Text fights are rad because of the emojis and gifs.)

We had such a good time you guys!

I told him I’m like 2% not okay with being sick 98% okay nowadays.

I’m thankful.