Post pandemic problems

I see forces of darkness fleeing from this earth 🌎.
Wherever the plague spirits have been up to their tricks

Like that scene in Walt Disney s little mermaid where all the enslaved ones Ursula the sea witch has trapped all rush out with a great cry? Only it’s bad stuff fleeing the area.

Now in the good strong name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth God come in the flesh:

Give them good gifts in place of their mourning

anoint them with the oil of joy
give them beauty for their ashes

they will be like oaks of righteousness the planting of the Lord

🍓 We speak fruitfulness
🍑 We speak good works and purpose
🍓 We speak joy

Into these weary, shell-shocked American folks.

Into ourselves. (✿ ♡‿♡)

Battle tactics

My fast was a washout.

I have been reading a book about fasting. I want to supercharge my prayer time with fasting. (And ask for healing from autoimmune issues and GI stuff.)

I just said

My first try at fasting was a washout.

I have decided to reframe that thought and learn some things:

  1. I need to start slow. Not try to show off.
    6 hours…8 hours…12 hours…24 hours…not hearing anything about after that: I think the Holy Spirit is preparing for a big battle with a 21 day fast. #Goliath
  2. I need to avoid computer games and social media during my time of seeking God for stuff.
  3. Accountability. I won’t fast alone next time.
  4. Holy Spirit directed. I will make sure to check ✔️ with God about what I’m doing. (I did that last time, but not the other three things.)
  5. Agree upon and write down when my fast ends and what were praying for with my team #focused
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Youversion nails it 💕

Have mercy on me for in You I take refuge.*** I will take refuge in the shadow of Your wings *** until the disaster has passed. Ps 57:1

It may take us a while to get to the other side; some of our plans and dreams may be on hold for a short while. We may have to cut back a bit and make some changes.

At the same time, we wait, but rest assured the prophetic Word God gave you before this storm still stands firm in heaven, and it will manifest in this earth if you stand firm on his Word.

As we …pick up the broken pieces and rise out of the ashes, keeping our eyes on Jesus, knowing he is with us, we can stand in his authority.

This principality will fall, and the purpose you were called to will manifest—hold on to His Word because you will make it to the other side!

Youversion devo “Purpose in the Storm” for today


I needed this today.  Feeling orphaned and shunned by my abuse and crime-ridden family.  Grossed out by the people I come from.


God tells me that I am what I am.

Neither above
nor below
my family.

Proud to be from my people
Because we are from Eve
Humbled to be from my people
Because we are from Eve

Thank You God. 
You tell me the truth.

You are my reason. You are all my reasons.”

I love You back, Papa God.


Things I 💕

I’m starting to get a little bit fussy.

Time for a list.

Sandy feet from walking on the beach
Getting an 🍨 ice cream with someone I 💕

The way my dogs can sleep anytime and anywhere. I’m not kidding. It’s quite remarkable.

Helping online charities: grin

Naps in the sunshine

Subway–I always feel like a million bucks after I eat there.

Yellow 💛 m&ms
Frosting a cake I made 🎂

Tulips and daisies
Good dirt. The minerally smell. The possibilities! Love it.

Washing the car 🚗 with my dogs in the summer

Going through a hard time together and finding out what’s important to us. #2020amiright?