Remember that scene from Star wars The empire fights back where they’re trying to get a shot off into the heart of the death Star? All these pilots are crashing and burning and dying and the leader keeps saying stay on target 🎯🎯🎯 then Luke finally gets a shot off I was reminded of thatContinue reading “Stayontarget!”

Early morning chutzpah 🌼🌸💮🏵🌼🌸

Girlfriends asleep Family asleep Hubby asleep Dogs asleep Quiet house Flu-like autoimmune symptoms Already slept off my sleep aid Maxed~out on ibuprofen and Tylenol for today Here I am Jesus: it’s just me and You. I need You;  that’s flat. I remember others who are wakeful at 3am: inmate who is stuck with the choicesContinue reading “Early morning chutzpah 🌼🌸💮🏵🌼🌸”

Anger has a good side?

The transformative power of well-managed anger improves relationships How can anger improve the quality of your relationships? …. Anger doesn’t want you to contain it;  this emotion informs you of what bothers, hurts, or harms you so you can change it. Ready to listen to change things to communicate. It wants you to act. Goal:Continue reading “Anger has a good side?”

Wise as a serpent; innocent as a dove

FLOAT like a butterfly 🦋 STING like a bee 🐝 Mohammed Ali Remember that famous description of Mr. Ali’s fighting style? Well! Jesus uses a similar kind of image to communicate how Christians must live in their world.

Rough Season– don’t you think?

 I’m surprised we’re still here, aren’t you? I have now listened to the Ps 121, Ps 37, Ps 18 and\or Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, RT Kendall, Steven Furtick and a bunch of other sermons and scripture. Roughly 32 billion times. Conclusion…we are going to make it guys.  strengthandcourage.That is what I am talkingContinue reading “Rough Season– don’t you think?”

Pressure off 

God’s not like that . He gets it. I think our feminist-influenced media gives our guys too much grief, not enough support. They put the bar up there so high, that no guy could reach it. I think the average guy loves his family and wants to take care ❤ of them. But the MrRogersmeetsscottishhighlandlairdContinue reading “Pressure off “