My row to hoe 💐

Up hurting over parenting stuff. 3am. Jesus You know: You were there. You are here now. You will never leave me or forsake me, right? Right. I am rebooting my ❤ now. Please. Speak to me and make me. Feel comfortable again. Sunshine on my face. Like a golden blessing from life. Warm encouraging quietContinue reading “My row to hoe 💐”


Remember that scene from Star wars The empire fights back where they’re trying to get a shot off into the heart of the death Star? All these pilots are crashing and burning and dying and the leader keeps saying stay on target 🎯🎯🎯 then Luke finally gets a shot off I was reminded of thatContinue reading “Stayontarget!”

Wildflowers ❤

3:00 am Up choosing to enjoy the quiet and to be with my Father tonight. Early morning waking. “I have a grateful heart. that You have given me. and it can only come. from You” early Petra I am thankful for the following things: intermittent fasting. Crickets and frogs singing. Quiet gray a doveContinue reading “Wildflowers ❤”