Bloom. 💐

I know why the caged bird sings. ~Maya Angelou

Getting sick. 

Has given me many good things. 

The elemental suffering has brought much good. 

takes away my busyness.

forces me to slow down. 


Flesh mortifying.  

Clarity inducing.  

Raised to life. 

Priorities straightening.  

Do or die

Sink or swim

Blooming. 🌼

Cozy ☕

I bless my lonely life.  It is teaching me to go deep with You Yahweh.   You are the God who sees me.

   And btw God–thank you for kitties.  They are so mysterious and solitary and can be happy anywhere. 

🐈 have this cozy “zone” inside of them. 

They curl up in a ball…close their eyes and zap!…they become the epitome of cozy.  It’s like a special dimension that they are magically transported to.

Instructive thought, isn’t it. 💐


watching my figure ❤

Ive started to feel better. Thanks to all the granola hippie stuff I’ve been doing for ten years. And God. And the magic of James 5:17.

I love to bake! I haven’t been able to do it much the last ten years.

So…..I bought a scale and put in my bathroom and I try to weigh myself whenever I feel thin (so I don’t get upset and depressed and eat a whole bunch!) Right?

Well, I got busy (!!!) And didn’t weigh myself.

For three weeks.

Dah…dah…duuuuun…..I’ve gained. Ten pounds!

I want to be more religious about weighing myself often. (It’s easier to deal with when it’s 2 lbs!)

What I’ve decided to do is something that I read about in a book (it was a mystery novel I think). I’m going to pick a cheat day. And that is the only day that I can eat whatever I want. I already have been doing intermittent fasting so my eating 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

So….,yeah: time to deny my flesh.

This is good for me; I don’t want to be bossed around by my appetites, right? I (with God) call the shots!

House bound 🙌

As I get older

and especially as I have been in bed for 10 years

while my friends must go on without me

I don’t know what that says, but I can relate.

and really had to go to the mattresses with God (pun intended)

and spend a lot of time alone with Him

I’m getting to where I have

this deep


sense of well-being that is all through my slice of life.

Me and Jesus. Is that sacrilegious??

Pain can be my friend?💔

I am up with my stuff tonight. I opened my Youversion app and this was the first. I love/hate/love being sick.

Pedal to the metal.

Fish 🐟 🐠 🎣 or cut bait.

Do or die.

No kidding around.


I COULD NOT DO THIS without You God. 💐

I need to blog this. I’m not the only one up hurting tonight.

I told God:
It’s ok for me to suffer

because then my priorities

are straight and true.

I am not good with prosperity so far. I’m learning.

I’m thankful.

You put my feet on firm ground, so I can see. That’s in Psalms.

Plan for weakness 💐

I figured it out:

Why I miss


regarding planned activities:

I just now did it again;

and this time I was watching 👀.

Background info: Yesterday was a terrible health day: I was at Defcon 5 all day with a migraine. I tried everything and finally won. I was praying alllll day just to get through the next 15 minutes! I bet some of you guys can totally relate.

I was in constant dog-paddle, keepmynoseabovethewater-mode with Jesus and memorized scriptures. BTW: Don’t think I’m all spiritual and self-controlled: it called…

~ “s-u-r-v-i-v-a-l”

I feel encouraged.

I thought I was just shallow and lazy and that’s why I kept skipping whole days of planned devotions!

When this happens … I will just get back up and keep going with whatever it is that I have planned.

No more self-imposed flagelation.