Turning a corner

I think I’ve turned a corner in my grieving over prodigals and health stuff.

I used to cry about that stuff every day. Especially the kid stuff.

Trying to maintain an attitude of forgiveness. I don’t want to have any hindrances to God being able to work in our lives.

I’m starting to remember the good times and it doesn’t hurt as much to brush up against the subject in conversations.

I don’t like bein’ miserable. That’s a good sign. Grin.

Like I said, I think I’ve turned a corner.

I feel very encouraged by that.

things to love 🌹

I’ve been feeling lonely lately. I decided to make myself a list.Things I loveHomemade bread 🍞Crunching through Fall leavesNuts <except walnuts–they make. My mouth hurtFirst snow ❄️❄️ rare hereTaxes done , good feelingChristmas lightsHot drinks in the morning 🌄Dishwasher running in a quiet houseWiped off countersMaking snowflakesGetting through something hard and realizing I like myself… Continue reading things to love 🌹

Cozy ☕

I bless my lonely life.  It is teaching me to go deep with You Yahweh.   You are the God who sees me.

   And btw God–thank you for kitties.  They are so mysterious and solitary and can be happy anywhere. 

🐈 have this cozy “zone” inside of them. 

They curl up in a ball…close their eyes and zap!…they become the epitome of cozy.  It’s like a special dimension that they are magically transported to.

Instructive thought, isn’t it. 💐


House bound 🙌

As I get older

and especially as I have been in bed for 10 years

while my friends must go on without me

I don’t know what that says, but I can relate.

and really had to go to the mattresses with God (pun intended)

and spend a lot of time alone with Him

I’m getting to where I have

this deep


sense of well-being that is all through my slice of life.

Me and Jesus. Is that sacrilegious??

the other woman 👠

So many marriages are crashing and burning around us, have you noticed? Maybe you have experienced with this subject; I have. My first marriage was touched painfully by this issue. We were both young and broken. I forgive that. Be at peace, self. ❤️ i just woke up from a nightmare about infedelity. I went… Continue reading the other woman 👠


I have a strong personality. This is an established fact.

I can be “bossy”.




Thank You, PapaGod, for this gift that saved me from my abuse-and-crime-ridden family;
and that has also made my adult life so difficult. As a mom. As a wife. As a friend. 💔

Thank You for being every bit as ornery as me, but for the good.

I respect You. 💕

“Our fathers disciplined us for a little to while the best they could (and it was not that great sometimes)

“But God disciplines us for our good
That we may share in his holiness.” Heb 12 emphasis mine

Woooord. Pastor Mike!

“Most of us spend so much time hating things about ourselves that we don’t realize we’re crippling our ability to love others.

There’s no way you can figure out how to love somebody else well in a relationship if you have not first figured out how to love yourself. ” ~pastor Michael Todd

Oh My Socks, you guys!

I definitely had an aha moment.

with Jesus.

this morning.

because of this.

the reason ~ well one reason ~ I have so much trouble loving my neighbor is because I don’t like myself.

However…I am getting better!

it has been extremely difficult for me to forgive myself for some of my parenting mistakes.

Like I said: I’m working on it with Jesus and I have definitely found that,

as I’m learning to forgive myself.

and love myself.

and give myself a break,

and move on….

I am becoming a better parent and friend and wife and child.

My row to hoe 💐

Up hurting over parenting stuff. 3am.

Jesus You know: You were there. You are here now. You will never leave me or forsake me, right? Right.

I am rebooting my ❤ now. Please. Speak to me and make me. Feel comfortable again.

  • Sunshine on my face.
  • Like a golden blessing from life.
  • Warm
  • encouraging
  • quiet
  • peaceful
  • happy.
  • My Cats and dogs bathe in pools of it.
  • Excellent idea.
  • I’ll take it
Youversion nails it

Thank you Jesus Sir Wonderful 🙏🙌❤😊