Things to 💕

“Sarah Plain and Tall” – the book 📚 or the movie🍿

Good, hard-working, honest mechanics

Lady bugs, spiders, and chickens – the warriorguard of the home garden

Binge-watching “Sherlock Holmes” with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s at 221B

The sound of rain 🌧️ on the window

english cream tea

Precious Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi

Walking my dog 🐕

Crackling fires

Thankful for a 🌎 with such wonderful things in it.

Not liable

Jesus thank You for

c-a-r-e- ing


my MS and

my heart problems and

my mental illness and

my parenting failures. 

I want You.

It helps that my life is so difficult for me. 

I’m not tempted to be satisfied with it. 

Not EVEN a choice

If I was

Effortlessly beautiful and

Incredibly popular and

Eminently successful and

had a million dollars…

I would probably focus on that.
Thank You 💗.

As it is, I’m not liable to focus on how easy my life is. (How boring is easy, anyway? I need to be c-h-a-l-l-e-n-g-e-d.)

You’ve saved my life, God. And made it beautiful ❤️.

Thank You.

Things to love

YouVersion rocks it again
  • The sound of an air plane buzzing in the distance
  • Smell of baking bread
  • Homemade tacos, any kind
  • Fortune cookies after Chinese food
  • My husband’s bald head and friendly smile
  • Shakespeare and Hathaway, on BBC
  • Celery, english toffee, dry fall leaves, corn chips, dry snow…crunchy things
  • Cups of fragrant, steaming tea
  • The smell of new tires
  • Taking dinner to a sick friend
  • Giraffes…comical and gangly
  • Magic School Bus with Ms Frizzle
  • Red hair and green eyes
  • Toe socks

Find it.

On a hunt.


All this apocalyptic stuff has made me cranky and self focused.

Give me a chance to do good in my world today.

Just something small but valuable.

Like a pearl.

Show me.

Help me look outside my anxious concerns.

See a way to surprise us all, not least myself,

with wonderful-ness.

In sickness and health? Real talk.

Ok some of my brothers might want to sit this one out.


I’m having to think some hard thoughts.

About potty accidents

My girlfriend, whose Mom died with MS, was talking to me about permanent catheterization. What ever that’s called.

I think I’m gonna have to go there sweet peeps. 🌻

when I have accident after accident.

I worry about falling when I’m trying to clean up the third potty accident that day.

If I try to get out of bed and do anything that’s what happens. ( Like if I’m having a good health day and I want to cook.)

I’m on a search for a good urologist. Transportation to that kind of doctor appointment becomes an issue.


Probably not, but yet I might have to. Hmmm.

This is what we signed on for, right?.

” In sickness and health for richer for poorer”, right?

That’s what I’m thinking. 🌻

Too bad euthanasia is immoral. Grin.🌻

I gotta trust God:
He knows about all this stuff.

He’s the one who made potty and sex and and cooking and childbirth so MESSY .
I don’t understand You God. But I do choose to trust in You.

Screeching brakes.  Smashing glass. Smoking tires.

I was planning to go away to the beach for my 🎂birthday.

Ocean view room


Budgeted out

Antipated for months.

You know?

It was going to be the first time I saw my brother since my dad died   that’s TWELVE count em–twelve years. (there was a big snafu with a crime he committed against my child and stuff. People taking sides.  Not knowing what to think.  Family drama.)

I was excited about it.

I had talked hubby into it.  I was gonna make it happen!

No kids.

My girlfriends were scared for me.

Like that.

Two weeks before my birthday….

Our car caught on 🔥
Cancelled motel.

Changed plans.

Stuck in the house still.

Hubby had to fix it.

$500 in parts later…here we are.

I took it as a big “NO: you’re not ready to see him”, from God.

(my girl friends were so relieved 😌)

I accept it, but it smarts.   You know?

 Grown up tax. Big time.

Yeah right–A.A.

“I’ll pray you get better and that this will all come to an end”

Ummm does this bring me any real, lasting comfort?

I suppose it’s better than “kiss my grits” or “go spit in the ocean”—but seriously?

I try to be kind because I don’t want to be a jerk. But seriously guys…

I don’t need a new heart that beats correctly

or not to have MS

or to be twenty again

Jesus I need a better attitude. I think that’s my biggest problem.

These statements always fall short of offering any real comfort. Though they sometimes carry partial truths—since it’s good and right to pray for healing and better circumstances—they can also reinforce the misleading idea that our greatest problem is our suffering, and the removal of it would be God’s greatest blessing.

Kristin Wetherton and Sarah Walton youversion Devo

Just sayin.

You gotta help me God 🙏

I cannot do this all by my selfies.