Turning a corner

I think I’ve turned a corner in my grieving over prodigals and health stuff.

I used to cry about that stuff every day. Especially the kid stuff.

Trying to maintain an attitude of forgiveness. I don’t want to have any hindrances to God being able to work in our lives.

I’m starting to remember the good times and it doesn’t hurt as much to brush up against the subject in conversations.

I don’t like bein’ miserable. That’s a good sign. Grin.

Like I said, I think I’ve turned a corner.

I feel very encouraged by that.

Pain can be my friend?💔

I am up with my stuff tonight. I opened my Youversion app and this was the first. I love/hate/love being sick.

Pedal to the metal.

Fish 🐟 🐠 🎣 or cut bait.

Do or die.

No kidding around.


I COULD NOT DO THIS without You God. 💐

I need to blog this. I’m not the only one up hurting tonight.

I told God:
It’s ok for me to suffer

because then my priorities

are straight and true.

I am not good with prosperity so far. I’m learning.

I’m thankful.

You put my feet on firm ground, so I can see. That’s in Psalms.