“NEEDTOBREATHE – “LET’S STAY HOME TONIGHT” [Live From Celebrating Out of Body]” on YouTube

I was just thinking about something with Jesus. Hubby and I have friction over whether to go out or stay home quite a bit. We have regular dates 1. once a week for conflict resolution 2. and once a week for fun. And he will often say he wants to stay home. While I haveContinue reading ““NEEDTOBREATHE – “LET’S STAY HOME TONIGHT” [Live From Celebrating Out of Body]” on YouTube”

Help me Lighten up, Lord

Jesus bless and help each person who stops by for just a pair of minutes. We love 💕 Your words. We love You. But help us. It’s hard down here sometimes. But You knew that. You came down here. I remember now. 😉 I’m asking for a hug today, Lord. I mean that respectfully. EspeciallyContinue reading “Help me Lighten up, Lord”

white picket fence

Dreams We’ve all got ’em. That’s why first love and heartbreak infamously hurts so much. Everyone who’s older than third grade knows this, right? When my first husband left me, back in my early twenties, it wasn’t his physical presence that I missed.  That sucked monkey giblets: don’t misunderstand… but honestly, I didn’t even likeContinue reading “white picket fence”

Not liable

Jesus thank You for c-a-r-e- ing about my MS and my heart problems and my mental illness and my parenting failures.  I want You.d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e-ly It helps that my life is so difficult for me.  I’m not tempted to be satisfied with it.  If I was Effortlessly beautiful and Incredibly popular and Eminently successful and hadContinue reading “Not liable”

Boot camp for my brain

I opened my Youversion app to read the Bible today.So sad and beleaguered, you guys! Rough, loooong night with health stuff. I tend to get suicidal when my MS is acting up, so I go to the Bible extra hardcore at those times. Even before I start to think in the morning. Knee jerk I’mContinue reading “Boot camp for my brain”

Self-soothe: an important skill

The prodigal welcome. This feels too good to be true for me. I learned to expect painful treatment, as a kid, if I ever FINALLY penetrated through my parents’ constant miasma of negative self talk about stuff that I needed. Like a hug or a sweater or a quiet space or kind words. Not thatContinue reading “Self-soothe: an important skill”