Battle tactics

My fast was a washout. I have been reading a book about fasting. I want to supercharge my prayer time with fasting. (And ask for healing from autoimmune issues and GI stuff.) I just said My first try at fasting was a washout. I have decided to reframe that thought and learn some things: IContinue reading “Battle tactics”

Living with regret

All I ever wanted in the natural was to be a good parent. I’ve never loved  or wanted to do good  like  when I held my babies for the first time. and It’s what I have failed the worst at. Jesus you be my reason.  Be all my reasons. Let my blog help other parentsContinue reading “Living with regret”


Lord God  our Father,No one gets to live on this earth without getting touched by injustice or betrayal.  No one. You know about injustice and betrayal–for certain. Two specific things come to mind that I am heartsore over: three betrayals within my own extended family system and/or neighborhood. I’m sorry for hanging on toContinue reading “Unfairness”

Sleep on it 👀

​I am Sooo glad I decided to wait ✋on that Personal Message before sending it! #learnedthatthehardway The Holy Spirit was talking to me this morning, about what was in that P.M. I am going to take it apart and completely redo it. Frankly horrified…. ….by some of the language that has been knocking around in myContinue reading “Sleep on it 👀”


Torturous gut-wrenching self-catered and perpetuating self-hatred. Been thinking 🤔 about this with Jesus. Working on it with my therapist. You know what the rub is? The thing I have flashbacks about and that keeps me up at night? How I must have hurt the innocents in my path during the worst of my addictions ormentalContinue reading “Blameless”

Boot camp for my brain

I opened my Youversion app to read the Bible today.So sad and beleaguered, you guys! Rough, loooong night with health stuff. I tend to get suicidal when my MS is acting up, so I go to the Bible extra hardcore at those times. Even before I start to think in the morning. Knee jerk I’mContinue reading “Boot camp for my brain”

Things to love

The sound of an air plane buzzing in the distance Smell of baking bread Homemade tacos, any kind Fortune cookies after Chinese food My husband’s bald head and friendly smile Shakespeare and Hathaway, on BBC Celery, english toffee, dry fall leaves, corn chips, dry snow…crunchy things Cups of fragrant, steaming tea The smell of newContinue reading “Things to love”