The Absalom Club🌻

Engaging Today’s Prodigal by Carol Barnier ​”People with a passion for a particular ministry most often come with a burden born of a previous experience. ” It scars them, yes. But it also equips them in ways the unscarred cannot attain.  “Ego check: Don’t ever get caught up in thinking you’ve thus done your childContinue reading “The Absalom Club🌻”


Some kids that I care about are making bad choices right now. I know Jesus will not blow sunshine about this.He will tell me the truth. Not everything that my kids do as adults is about me But some of it is. I did make some really bad mistakes Especially when the twins (child #4Continue reading “Processing…”


Lord God  our Father,No one gets to live on this earth without getting touched by injustice or betrayal.  No one. You know about injustice and betrayal–for certain. Two specific things come to mind that I am heartsore over: three betrayals within my own extended family system and/or neighborhood. I’m sorry for hanging on toContinue reading “Unfairness”

Real love 💘

I don’t want you to feel false guilt and shame because we didn’t finish that good thing we tried to do. No pressure #ratraces-stink I accept you the way you are. You are my man. I chose YOU twenty-five years ago at a lighthouse in Newport, Oregon. Hitched my wagon to your 🌟 🌻🌷🌻🌷🌻🌷🌻 *NoContinue reading “Real love 💘”

6th step for parents who have abused

I’ve been thinking. About the sixth step. This is hard for parents who’ve abused or neglected their children. There’s stuff back there that I do not want to own. You know? (It’s probably hard for everyone, but I don’t have to repent for everyone–just me.) Step Six“Were entirely ready to have God remove allthese defectsContinue reading “6th step for parents who have abused”

Part of the plan

Make your light shine  through me ❤️ that was in my devo this morning. I’m so tired because of ~~fill in the blank~~ !  God, You’ve got to do this helpingthedisenfranchisedoftheworld business for me. I feel so distracted and beleaguered by my STUFF!!! Jesus.  PapaGod. Holy Spirit. Help me. Help us. Give us powerContinue reading “Part of the plan”

Is that my eye twitchin’? 🌻

​We could pre-decide that we’re going to choose people over policies and relationships over rules.  What if… …we exhibited patience? …we chose not to be offended? …we quit taking everything so personally? ..we changed the degrading way we talk to others? …we focused on what we did have in common? …we chose the big picture? Let’sContinue reading “Is that my eye twitchin’? 🌻”

Safe place

Early morning waking. It’s part of grief. I used to dread it. But this time around I’m older and wiser. Pain is my friend. Jesus will teach me wisdom and humility through this loss of a health, a child, a grandchild…..maybe a marriage, a future, a dream that can never be now…. If I willContinue reading “Safe place”