Door of hope

If, through the process of healing and growth, you have found yourself in that in-between place that feels like an abyss, understand that He is the pro at restoring the years you feel have been lost. Don’t try to construct a spaceship to get you back to earth as quickly as possible. Most of usContinue reading “Door of hope”

Living with regret

All I ever wanted in the natural was to be a good parent. I’ve never loved  or wanted to do good  like  when I held my babies for the first time. and It’s what I have failed the worst at. Jesus you be my reason.  Be all my reasons. Let my blog help other parentsContinue reading “Living with regret”

Saying sorry 

It’s complicated. Ammends. Ugh. I’m working my steps here.  But… What Is Step 9? Step 9 begins: “Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.”* …my grown kids are a toughie. They are ssssoooo tired of hearing me say “I’m sorry”. Because I have oftenContinue reading “Saying sorry “

Real love 💘

I don’t want you to feel false guilt and shame because we didn’t finish that good thing we tried to do. No pressure #ratraces-stink I accept you the way you are. You are my man. I chose YOU twenty-five years ago at a lighthouse in Newport, Oregon. Hitched my wagon to your 🌟 🌻🌷🌻🌷🌻🌷🌻 *NoContinue reading “Real love 💘”

Not liable

Jesus thank You for c-a-r-e- ing about my MS and my heart problems and my mental illness and my parenting failures.  I want You.d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e-ly It helps that my life is so difficult for me.  I’m not tempted to be satisfied with it.  If I was Effortlessly beautiful and Incredibly popular and Eminently successful and hadContinue reading “Not liable”

Play to your weaknesses

God never wastes a hurt, right? I want to blog  about putting my child  in a mental hospital  when she was nine. Ummmm… Big mistake Not what I thought.   Not What my counselor thought. we thought it would be a safe place  to get her started on meds and stabilized. Safe, it was NOT.Continue reading “Play to your weaknesses”