Bloom. 💐

I know why the caged bird sings. ~Maya Angelou

Getting sick. 

Has given me many good things. 

The elemental suffering has brought much good. 

takes away my busyness.

forces me to slow down. 


Flesh mortifying.  

Clarity inducing.  

Raised to life. 

Priorities straightening.  

Do or die

Sink or swim

Blooming. 🌼

Reboot my ❤


New memories.

Flashback nightmare last night.

Father I need a refuge right now. A safe, protected place, where I can sleep and eat and rest

Then go back and fight.

You are my bunker. My bivouac. (Sp?) My safe place. My good jou jou. Hide me under your wings for a little. Don’t let me forget these long submerged memories from scarier times. I want to take them to the counselor You’re going to help me find, and then eventually use them to help others. OK?


My feelings were wrong.

Hubby said: “absolutely not; I do not want you to be a chat host at our online Church.”


I felt my foot permanently on the brake, stifled, held back, marginalized and voiceless. What about my future all my wisdom and verbal skills, organization and drive?!

Every feminist bone in my upbringing was screaming bloody murder!

I only listened and held my tongue and trusted you because I’ve learned the hard way that if ever your phlegmatic-sanguine-go.along.allergictoconflict self has a DEFINITE OPINION…..

I had better get myself by the back of the neck and listen.

Cuz you’re most likely right

(and if you’re not and I have a good attitude then God is going to get you and cover me. Think Abigail and Nabal. Thin smile.)

However, now that years have passed and I have gotten sicker and sicker and weaker and weaker and less able to do stuff and remember stuff and think ….. I’m really glad I listened to myself.

I thought God was going to heal me back then. Well I mean, in the way that I imagined healing to look.

I was completely utterly and gob-smacking-ly…

W r o n g.

Sometimes the journey

is more important

than the destination.

How we roll🌼

I was thinking about this with Jesus this morning.
I want to be like this in my relationships.

You know?
No defense

Because that’s how I roll
Not because the world is perfectly safe

That’s how I can be impregnable, unassailable, undefeated.

Door of hope

If, through the process of healing and growth, you have found yourself in that in-between place that feels like an abyss, understand that He is the pro at restoring the years you feel have been lost. Don’t try to construct a spaceship to get you back to earth as quickly as possible. Most of us… Continue reading Door of hope

Things I love 💘

(Jesus I need some help here. #primethepump)

I appreciate these things:

  • Dogs friendly ears
  • Babies that smell like milk
  • Cleaning with some good music on
  • The fuzzy hair that stands up on baby elephants heads
  • Ears– so many different kinds!
  • Fingernail polish
  • Tulips–so graceful and elegant
  • Soft chenille pillow cases
  • earl grey, hot
  • Captain Picard
  • Cool, green grass
  • Misty shores
  • Waterfalls

Thank You Jesus.  You did good. 🌷


Some kids that I care about are making bad choices right now.

Broken hearted parent

I know Jesus will not blow sunshine about this.
He will tell me the truth.

Not everything that my kids do as adults is about me

But some of it is.

Parenting mistakes

I did make some really bad mistakes
Especially when the twins (child #4 and #5,) were little and I was in the worst of my addiction and disassociation and losing time.

Especially when my kids got older and we got in adult-type arguments.

I remember new stuff all the time. Now that I am flat on my back in bed. I try not to obsess over it.

I own it. I’m sorry.

I’m learning new skills.

That’s all I can do.

God can do more.



Those bad choices stole from us.

I’m grafted in to Abraham in Jesus. I claim this promise in all it’s spiritual richness and meaning. It’s mine.

He’s got a multi generational plan going here.

I trust Him at His word.

“NEEDTOBREATHE – “LET’S STAY HOME TONIGHT” [Live From Celebrating Out of Body]” on YouTube

I was just thinking about something with Jesus.

Hubby and I have friction over whether to go out or stay home quite a bit.

Bring it on!

We have regular dates

1. once a week for conflict resolution

2. and once a week for fun.

And he will often say he wants to stay home.

While I have been home all the time and want to get out of my sickbed and see something beside my walls.


This song came to my mind as I was pondering……so I looked it up on YouTube and was listening to it again prayerfully with God.

I suddenly saw that this– our home– is my husband’s Oasis.

he’s safe here.

He can rest and relax and let his hair down in respite.

Of course he would not want to leave it!

It’s sweet that he wants me to be in it with him.

I think instead of being resentful at him and thinking he wants me to be constricted and limited,

I will reframe it reboot my heart

and find it endearing

that he wants to be safe at home with me.

We still need to compromise maybe every other time we can go out or something. I need that.


it helps me to understand where he’s coming from you know?




Youversion nails it 💕

Have mercy on me for in You I take refuge.*** I will take refuge in the shadow of Your wings *** until the disaster has passed. Ps 57:1

It may take us a while to get to the other side; some of our plans and dreams may be on hold for a short while. We may have to cut back a bit and make some changes.

At the same time, we wait, but rest assured the prophetic Word God gave you before this storm still stands firm in heaven, and it will manifest in this earth if you stand firm on his Word.

As we …pick up the broken pieces and rise out of the ashes, keeping our eyes on Jesus, knowing he is with us, we can stand in his authority.

This principality will fall, and the purpose you were called to will manifest—hold on to His Word because you will make it to the other side!

Youversion devo “Purpose in the Storm” for today