Early morning chutzpah 🌼🌸💮🏵🌼🌸

So be it 😌
  • Girlfriends asleep
  • Family asleep
  • Hubby asleep
  • Dogs asleep
  • Quiet house
  • Flu-like autoimmune symptoms
  • Already slept off my sleep aid
  • Maxed~out on ibuprofen and Tylenol for today

Here I am Jesus: it’s just me and You.

I need You;  that’s flat.

I remember others who are wakeful at 3am:

  1. inmate who is stuck with the choices he made when he was too young to know better
  2. mom of small ones. Who is up with a croupey baby again, has to get up for work in the morning, and is dreading it (*note; discover plod mode)
  3. cancer patient: sick of that inescapable, omnipresent too familiar bed
  4. prisoner in a foreign country, denied pain medication because “he is an unbeliever” (and therefore untouchable).
  5. homeless person whose newspapers and coats are not enough to keep him warm this time.
  6. psychiatric inpatient whose night mares make her fear sleep and who misses home
  7. care home patient ~ the empty ache of the seemingly forgotten
  8. woman post-abortion ~ empty arms

Can I pray 🙏 for us?

Jesus thank You for the good and the bad things in our lives. Thank You for small indestructible joys. Help us to get all the good there is to be had out of our suffering. Enlarge our souls to understand the great ocean 💙 of Your cleansing, pure, full, restoring love 💘 for us.

🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁

Grief is great. Let us be good to one another.

~The Magician’s Nephew

🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁

Play to your weaknesses

God never wastes a hurt, right?

I want to blog 

about putting my child

 in a mental hospital 

when she was nine.


Big mistake

Not what I thought.  

Not What my counselor thought.

we thought it would be a safe place

 to get her started on meds and stabilized.

Safe, it was NOT.

Now there are hospitals and then there are hospitals.  You know?


 we are still getting over that experience seventeen years later.


Not what we needed 

Not the best place for her.

I wish we could have just canceled all our engagements and stayed home til the counselor was available, then had an intensive weekend therapy session or something and then two hour weekly sessions with in-house blood work while we got her meds started.

That’s not realistic, 

(I wish there was something like that!)


 as close as we could get to that

 would have been better 

than an inpatient lock down facility 

for a nine year old who was starting fires in her toy box!

  She didn’t need to be in with older kids and teens who had some scary issues going on.  All the screaming and mandatory blood tests that she heard EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK.  Missing her family.  Not being able to go home when we wanted to get her out.  Criminetly!

Help me Jesus.

I’m yours. 🌻

Use my voice.
I wanna rock the world for GOOD 


for other hurting families.

I’ll Wait

 for YOUR Spirit to blow on my words.

I trust 

YOUR timing

This is Your show. 🌻

​I want to help people and play to my weaknesses.

Like Paul in the Bible. Yeah.

I need a hug.  Do you?