Choleric + phlegmatic = 🎇🎉🎆

We have always had a very matriarchal home. Both of us had bossy moms and invisible dads, bless them: So go figure. I have been praying my GUTS out about this for ten years or so. Since I got sick anyways. Both of us are out of balance, you know? It feels yucky. So IContinue reading “Choleric + phlegmatic = 🎇🎉🎆”

Is that my eye twitchin’? 🌻

​We could pre-decide that we’re going to choose people over policies and relationships over rules.  What if… …we exhibited patience? …we chose not to be offended? …we quit taking everything so personally? ..we changed the degrading way we talk to others? …we focused on what we did have in common? …we chose the big picture? Let’sContinue reading “Is that my eye twitchin’? 🌻”

The happily married woman part 4

​ I easily descend into …. Drum roll please   ..THE GRIPE ZONE.  I have found that talking to God about these things (you know-those things?)  first accomplishes three to seven results, depending: It gives me SOMETHING to do about the situation which will affect change. It makes me feel better. Sometimes it results in aContinue reading “The happily married woman part 4”

inside out 🌻 The problem, however, is that trust and control do not coexist. You can have control or you can have trust, but you can’t have both. This presents a challenge considering that throughout scripture, God’s instruction to us is to trust Him. In fact, we often see that God’s guidance does not include the finalContinue reading “inside out 🌻”


My notes of two years ago: Self control has always been an issue. I think I was too busy surviving my Vietnam childhood to learn some things. Also I think I made a few vows that went something like: when I grow up nobody’s going to boss me around You guys: Those choices, though madeContinue reading “Controlfreak”