Some kids that I care about are making bad choices right now. I know Jesus will not blow sunshine about this.He will tell me the truth. Not everything that my kids do as adults is about me But some of it is. I did make some really bad mistakes Especially when the twins (child #4Continue reading “Processing…”

Living with regret

All I ever wanted in the natural was to be a good parent. I’ve never loved  or wanted to do good  like  when I held my babies for the first time. and It’s what I have failed the worst at. Jesus you be my reason.  Be all my reasons. Let my blog help other parentsContinue reading “Living with regret”

Feel the burn

Lord GodI have some horrible things in my past.Things that were done to me.  That I knew about.  That I was powerless to stop.*************** Things that i did, myself.  Blindly.  Foolishly.  Arrogantly.  To my shame.  To my sorrow.*************** You know.  You were sorta THERE, however that works with sin. Can I pray for us? “PapaGod-AsContinue reading “Feel the burn”

Youversion.  nails it 🌻

Oh my purple sparkly socks. You guys…. This hasn’t happened very much ( well…since I was a baby Christian, anyway. Notice how EVERYTHING seems to work for ya when you are a baby Christian??) So… I had a bad nightmare. Woke up and made sure I FELL STRAIGHT INTO JESUS’ ARMS ( Through His Word)Continue reading “Youversion.  nails it 🌻”

Rubber meets road

Autoimmune disease PTSD Difficult marriage Dysfunctional family 12 steps Disabled veteran Homeschooling mom Oneincome in a twoincome economy Abuse Abandonment Church hurts Just remindin’ myself.

Escape unkindness

” The phrase, “on those who take refuge in You,” definitively means that when you find yourself in the Brilliant habit of fleeing to God for protection during the storms of life, you will most certainly receive His goodness.” – you version devo this morning “Refined_Finding Joy in the Midst of the Fire” I needed this.Continue reading “Escape unkindness”