Door of hope

If, through the process of healing and growth, you have found yourself in that in-between place that feels like an abyss, understand that He is the pro at restoring the years you feel have been lost. Don’t try to construct a spaceship to get you back to earth as quickly as possible. Most of usContinue reading “Door of hope”


My husband prays for our lost son every morning. It’s like his thing. 🌻 You might know this: we have prodigal son. I think about him every day. Wake up hurting over his rejection every morning. I grew up knowing this story from the Bible. But I never thought about what the prodigal mom mustContinue reading “Prodigal”

Keep the main thing: the main thing.

Focus. Balance. Perspective. Being sick for ten years has helped me to see things as they are. Valuable. Treasured. Gift. It’s so much easier to keep things straight And see what really matters and face my need for Jesus When I’m suffering. Not that I would choose it.I like working in my garden and walkingContinue reading “Keep the main thing: the main thing.”