​Looking through old blog entries, and I found this rough draft from right before I started fasting about my family.  So I finished it and published it.  You ever pray something and then get involved with other stuff and forget you prayed for that? I didn’t even know fasting was for normal-average-people-21st-century folks!  I neverContinue reading “Breakthrough”


Some kids that I care about are making bad choices right now. I know Jesus will not blow sunshine about this.He will tell me the truth. Not everything that my kids do as adults is about me But some of it is. I did make some really bad mistakes Especially when the twins (child #4Continue reading “Processing…”

Play to your weaknesses

God never wastes a hurt, right? I want to blog  about putting my child  in a mental hospital  when she was nine. Ummmm… Big mistake Not what I thought.   Not What my counselor thought. we thought it would be a safe place  to get her started on meds and stabilized. Safe, it was NOT.Continue reading “Play to your weaknesses”


My husband prays for our lost son every morning. It’s like his thing. 🌻 You might know this: we have prodigal son. I think about him every day. Wake up hurting over his rejection every morning. I grew up knowing this story from the Bible. But I never thought about what the prodigal mom mustContinue reading “Prodigal”

Rubber meets road

Autoimmune disease PTSD Difficult marriage Dysfunctional family 12 steps Disabled veteran Homeschooling mom Oneincome in a twoincome economy Abuse Abandonment Church hurts Just remindin’ myself.

Part of the plan

Make your light shine  through me ❤️ that was in my devo this morning. I’m so tired because of ~~fill in the blank~~ !  God, You’ve got to do this helpingthedisenfranchisedoftheworld business for me. I feel so distracted and beleaguered by my STUFF!!! Jesus.  PapaGod. Holy Spirit. Help me. Help us. Give us powerContinue reading “Part of the plan”

Anxiety Management 101

I was thinkin’ about this verse in I Peter. Peter was a fisherman right? So he was probably thinking of casting— as in fishing. Don’t you think? With this in mind, I looked up a video of net fishing. I wanted to get the image of casting the nets in my mind. This is howContinue reading “Anxiety Management 101”