Wildflowers ❤

3:00 am Up choosing to enjoy the quiet and to be with my Father tonight. Early morning waking. “I have a grateful heart. that You have given me. and it can only come. from You” early Petra I am thankful for the following things: intermittent fasting. Crickets and frogs singing. Quiet gray dawn..like a doveContinue reading “Wildflowers ❤”

It takes heart ❤

Wow. Three days have gone by without me even looking at the Bible. It sneaks up on me…. YouTube sermons are ok and all, but its not the same as getting my own food, you know? —— i avoid being quiet and talking to God because the stuff I am dealing with is yucky..then, whenContinue reading “It takes heart ❤”

Anger has a good side?

The transformative power of well-managed anger improves relationships How can anger improve the quality of your relationships? …. Anger doesn’t want you to contain it;  this emotion informs you of what bothers, hurts, or harms you so you can change it. Ready to listen to change things to communicate. It wants you to act. Goal:Continue reading “Anger has a good side?”

Door of hope

If, through the process of healing and growth, you have found yourself in that in-between place that feels like an abyss, understand that He is the pro at restoring the years you feel have been lost. Don’t try to construct a spaceship to get you back to earth as quickly as possible. Most of usContinue reading “Door of hope”