Break ?

I don’t need a break anymore?!

I have been praying for a break

every week

a few times a week

for five or so years

Then my life fell apart and I started fasting and praying after listening to a Derek Prince message. ( Basically, I got really desperate. )

Lo and behold– gradually everything started to change.

Today when I went to pray for a break again, I suddenly realized…….God already answered me… but not by giving me what I wanted. 

This is better.

I can’t believe I just wrote that. 

My Wednesday and Friday til 3 or 4pm fasting times with You are lovely. I love how You are. You are the most amazing Person I have ever come in contact with and You have my ❤. I love spending time with You. Sweep me away…

The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; truly I have a delightful inheritance.   Ps 16

I am deeply and lastingly and untouchably happy

That’s what I needed that I didn’t know to pray for.

Joy burgers! 🍔


I already get one — every Wednesday and Friday til 3 or so! No food people housework (remember: wheelchair) phone games or social media (within reason) . Just me my Youversion bible and God.

Who knew?

Getting sick IS your healing

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