Superhero 💐

Jesus thank you so much you are totally my hero.

Father I totally would have opened a can of whoop *** on anyone who tried to hurt my boy; I don’t think I would have been able to keep my focus and keep to the plan! No WONDER YOU ripped that veil in two, top to bottom!

The plan that was for us,

for me

thank you

you are the best Dad and I’m totally in awe of you

I love how You are and I worship You

please make me a friend of sinners

I want them to feel comfortable in our home ~ like it’s a tub of love ❤

I think we already know we’re bad but we might not know that anyone loves us.

Please make this day fun and make it pleasing to You and bless and help us and I ask that my neighbor




how much fun they had


how much they fit in


felt accepted

just like You do

that’s how I want to be

in Jesus’ name I ask it


Easter ✝️

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