avert! ❤

D and I started to have a conflict last night: it was escalating and getting nasty. We could feel it.

Bad juju

We looked at each other, and said, “you know what?: let’s sleep on it and finish this in the morning.”
that is the voice of experience and loving being together in unity and love MORE than we love being right.

(I remember the time when we would have just kept going and escalating and it would have gotten really ridiculous and bothered the kids and scarred both of us emotionally!)

We woke up about half hour ago and worked it all out and we still love each other

and we didn’t act like idiots
and we didn’t traumatize ourselves and our kids!

I love being married for years: there’s sort of a hump you get over, where “US” matters more than “ME” and being right.

By the way:

Have you ever noticed that you fight about the same things over and over anyway?

We have decided that those are just character flaws and we have to just keep revisiting it
and trying different things
and praying
and giving each other Grace.

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