Days of Plague

Once again, it is not our faith, but the faithfulness of the Lord that will carry the day.

Days of plague have covered the world many times, and have reached the most far flung communities on Earth.

Who else is there to look to when there is very little offered by the modern god of technology and science.

Modern god of technology and science?

Will we simply wait like sitting ducks, hoping that somehow we will be numbered among the lucky ones who will survive?

Or will we call on the faithfulness of God with expectation? Our God cares.

We know that by the way he has dealt with Sin. How much more then, can we have faith that he knows how to deal with our diseases also?

The wounds on the back of Christ tell us how far he was willing to go to provide us with cure.

Barry Struthers, Feeding Between the Lines, Daily Reflections

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