Inspired moment 💐

My family has been through a lot in the last ten years. I was just telling them how proud 👏 🥲 🥰 I am. #pandemicpatholigicalpootertootfromlife 💔


Q had acute hospitalization during the pandemic and is on medication now for bipolar 2
He has gotten through it and we all supported him
He lost a couple jobs and everything
He made it through (I know-i said that, but …wow what a trooper) and has changed careers and is now an excellent CNA working with mentally ill and handicapped ♿ at a Mennonite group home.

I am so proud of him.

D made it through a very messy breakup and is embracing single life and dealing with his twin’s new mental health issues and is now the main financial support for our home along with hubby.

I’m so proud.


C has been through a lot of personal issues and changes in her care and transportation due to the pandemic and is a steady Eddie just like her dad.


I’m so proud

We miss A and her oldest bro and our grandson every day, (#kicktushhardloss)and every one of us grieve their loss terribly since they went prodigal, but we are soldiering on with Jesus and each other.

I love my family!

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