Nightmare hope ❤

Warning: this might trigger some folks

Just woke up from a flashback nightmare. (It was horrible.) Common trauma response, esp if Jesus is bringing something up that He wants to heal. (i.e. counseling)

Feeling vulnerable. Chaos. Loss. Jesus You know.

How I feel

I’ve learned to come straight to the Bible. Nothing else really helps. I’ve tried everything else.

I used to go to my drug of choice. Big trigger. (Eleven years clean and sober thank You higher power.)

💐 🌹 🌸 🏵 🌼 💐 🌹 🌸 🏵 🌼 💐 🌹 🌸 🏵 🌼 💐

But I digress. I was talking about the Bible. Verse of the day read my mail for starters.

I love You Jesus. You are the only One who can take my traumatic garbage and turn it into beautiful joy. ❤

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