Wounded fighter

Satanic ritual abuse–This is how I fight my battles.  Help me.  Use me to set my poor family and state and country FREE.

Every kind of freedom

thank you for training my hands for battle,  I can bend a bow of bronze.  Psalm 18!
I have a dream.
  (Not to be a copy cat but to pay honor to  a great man.  )
I have a dream of freedom for my clan.

Where our children live in peace and safety.
Safe from the evil of SRA and betrayal and addiction. 
Free to have Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner without painful drama. 
Free to be a support to our teenage children without needing to take over and overwhelm boundaries.

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth God come in the flesh amen

Free to live in peace with all colors of people.
Free to enjoy our grandchildren in peace and with balance.
Free from the enemy and all contracts and agreements.

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