Bed ridden: end of the world or…?

Best thing to ever happen to my parenting and marriage πŸ’‘

It’s my heart. Not the MS
Thank you for asking dear.
Yes hubby’s planning to be my caregiver fulltime through this Oregon Spousal Care program.
It’s what God has said we can handle. I trust Him.

I have my few folks that I get to help through my blog. That gives me purpose. It’s a big deal to me.

My blog is called reboot my heart ❀ at word press.


I cook with supervision occasionally. That is fun. My short term memory is not there, and my judgement can be very iffy, so I’ve had to give up solo cooking. Reading too, and needlework and music. Things that don’t fit my life now.

Sounds depressing doesn’t it?

But actually I’m crazy happy for the most part.

#1 hubby is just blossoming and continues to surprise me with his skill and kindness and guts. He’s had to give up as much as me during this trial.
We love each other more than ever.

#2 I’ve had many amazing parenting moments with the three youngest: I really like my children now, instead of just work, work, work.

#3 God is healing the years that the locust have eaten for me and the kids. He puts the lonely in families πŸ‘ͺ right? That’s His greathearted way. I love Him.

#4 content to let the Holy Spirit do His wonderful thing with my two oldest prodigals. I trust Him. They have legitimate reasons for hurt. I did my best, both of us did, but it wasn’t very good. I own that. I don’t judge my oldest girl and her brother too harshly.

But I am ready to let it go to God.

See what Jesus plus being almost
flat on my back for ten years has given me?

I’ll take it.

Garden of gratitude and peace

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