Armor up!

I pray for the people I love, Father.  Show them how they can protect their minds by memorizing scriptures.  

Help them learn how to do it in bite-sized pieces. 

Personally, I write it ten times then say it over to myself in chunks, adding one verse at a time:

til it’s in there

After that, if I’m waiting for someone or bored in the car, I will say it over or write it over to myself.  That’s how I get it down in my soul and learn to meditate over it.

I’m so glad that I memorized Isaiah 61 and Romans 12 before I got sick!  I have just used it and used it .  In the MRI tube,  recovering from surgery, when I’m lonely or discouraged, in doctor’s waiting rooms, whenever I’m scared or bored or lonely.

Healthy mind

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