Fasting : 5 tips

Offering if helpful:

things that have really helped me re: fasting.
1. Every time I feel my stomach growl, I say to God, “I want you more Jesus. ”  it’s like my little cue.  I hear myself saying it, and that strengthens my resolve.

2.  Pick a focus.  Write it.

For example,  I just told God that I want Him to grow my family’s love and trust with one another


than I want a cup of earl gray with cream and sugar.

3.  Less with success.  Consider starting small.  Media fast is a way to get your feet wet and is surprisingly helpful.  Skipping one meal a day can be meaningful, providing I use the time I would normally spend on food praying or reading the Bible or whatnot.

4. There’s no reason to starve everyone else too. I can fix a meal , if that is my chore, and then go to my room or even sit with my family and a glass of water.

5. It’s not a competition or a way to show that I’m all that and a bag of chips.  i can have big spiritual plans for a fast…and then fall flat on my face.


It’s better to try for a less intense experience that succeeds, and helps me build mental strength for next time.

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