Fear. Of. Missing. Out.

Suffering with MS and a heart condition.   I fell recently and broke my leg.  I am so sick of this bed, and depends and potty pads! Aaaaaaaaahhh!!!  

Friends are weeding and watering and getting their jars and lids and rings ready for preserving the harvest. Feeding their chickens and gathering eggs and brushing their dogs and picking flowers 💐 and going for walks…

Self Pity.  Ingratitude. Comparison.

Sigh. The pain I feel is the death throes of my darn flesh!

🔪 🗡 🔪 🗡 🔪 🗡 🔪 🗡🔪 🗡 🔪 🗡 🔪 🗡 🔪 🗡

Fear .Of.  Missing . Out

   It is good to suffer and be frustrated.   Let my flesh die that my spirit may 🎶 LIVE 🎶 and be free!  bring it on Jesus!

Thank You Father God.  You are wise.   You are kind.  You are here .  I trust You.

Inner Peace

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