Parent guilt 😔 😟 🙁 😥 ðŸ˜ž

The accuser likes to shame me about stuff I’ve done wrong with my DID. like leaving my son at the bank for two hours when he was ten and buying a gross of light bulbs across town before I woke up. Like losing my temper and shaking my daughter when she was in middle school . Like screaming soooo loud at my husband when we were fighting one time.

I have done terrible things, you guys.

I’ve repented, I’ve asked for forgiveness from my family. Fer sure. I’ve prayed my guts out.

………….But then the devil likes to rub my face in it.

Especially when I’m by myself in the bathroom, for some reason. I’ve gotten to where I just have that scripture ready going in .

Freaking battle-ready!

I have a little song by Kim Hill that I sing.

There is therefore
Now no condemnation
For those who are i-i-in
Christ Jesus:
for the Law of the Spirit
Of Life in Christ Jesus
Free 🎶

From the law of sin and de-e-eath 🎶

I just CANNOT make eye contact

or let the devil even finish his sentence!

That way leads to 😠 and 😔 and 😢



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